luni, 17 decembrie 2012

Coursera: curs nou de Computational Finance

Azi a început un curs nou pe Coursera: Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics.

Learn mathematical, programming and statistical tools used in the real world analysis and modeling of financial data. Apply these tools to model asset returns, measure risk, and construct optimized portfolios using the open source R programming language and Microsoft Excel.  Learn how to build probability models for asset returns, to apply statistical techniques to evaluate if asset returns are normally distributed, to use Monte Carlo simulation and bootstrapping techniques to evaluate statistical models, and to use optimization methods to construct efficient portfolios.Consider advancing your studies in this topic by enrolling in University of Washington’s course in Financial Data Modeling & Analysis R. You’ll gain access to meaningful interaction with instructors and relevant assignments, readings and multimedia material, as well as earn a valuable University of Washington credential.
 Nu văd rostul de a sta să detaliez mai mult. Cei care au fost prinși de introducerea citată mai sus sunt doar la un click distanță de enroll. Click AICI.

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